Phoenix Core

Uncooled a-Si Microbolometer
Sensitivity: 3-12µm
Size: 1.5” x 1.5” x 1.5”
Weight: 52 g
Power: <1.1 Watt
Power Input: 1.8 -4.0Vdc or 6-18 Vdc
Turn on time: < 4 sec
Temperature Operating: -40 to +85ºC
Temperature Storage: -45 to +105ºC
Mechanical Shock: 20g (11ms) , and 500g (0.4ms)
Mechanical Vibration: 4.3G (20Hz to 2000Hz)
Humidity: 5% – 95% RH (non-condense)

*specifications subject to change.

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Phoenix Core Uncooled BroadBand Detector

Visimid is proud to offer the Phoenix Core Uncooled BroadBand Detector.  As the only affordable broadband microbolometer on the market, the Phoenix Core offers an expanded view of the electromagnetic spectrum, SWIR to LWIR, along with the ability to run at fast frame rates—up to 900Hz.  Visimid also offers custom interfaces for the Phoenix Core, including for power inputs, video formats and lens options.

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  • 640 x 480 17µm pitch FPA
  • Two channels of simultaneous video
  • Two serial interfaces for communication & control; LVTTL and USB
  • Two discrete programmable inputs
  • Electronic Zoom, 1x – 8x
  • 30Hz frame rate Standard. Other frame rates available

User Interface

  • Common electronics interface with NanoCore® LWIR cores
  • NTSC Analog Video and CameraLink base configuration video outputs
  • Custom optical, mechanical, and system electronics available
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