IP Ecliptus

Field of View: Custom – C-mount Lens Option
Dimensions: 2.5” X 2.5” X 5.5”*
Analog Sensor: Generation III Image Intensifier
Digital Sensor: HD Digital IP Camera*
Front Objective: C-Mount Lens Options
Frame Rate: 60Hz 1080p NTSC/PAL
Image Capture Options: IP Framegrabber,
USB and SD card
Image Output Options: IP Network, HDMI, USB
*Custom optics, interfaces, and enclosures are available

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IP Ecliptus Night Vision System

Gen III Image Intensified technology is the highest performance night vision technology available and has been used by the military, security and special forces for decades. It is a tested and qualified technology with one major limitation—It can’t be shared with the decision makers miles away and the data can’t be digitally processed or analyzed. Well that is no longer true.

Digital Gen III Imagery

Using a patented process developed by Visimid Technologies, this digital IP security camera is optically coupled to a Gen III image Intensified tube as used in the AN/PVS style goggles. This compact low power camera module can be packaged in a multitude of enclosures and form factors. Using a C-mount style objective lens, the options for FOV and Zoom are limited only by your imagination. The output and communication to the module is also configurable to USB, HDMI, SD cards and more. We can provide a solution in one of our enclosures, an enclosure to your specifications, or as a module to go into a gimbal or other platform.