Jim Smittle

MS Electrical Engineering
    Wichita State University

BS Electrical Engineering/Computer Science
    Kansas State University

Technical Capabilities

Concept development
Technical proposal development and management
Electro-optical system performance modeling
    (NV-THERM and other modeling tools
System design
System integration
Test planning and execution
Test plan and procedure development
Development of micro-controller applications
    (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)


Jim is the technical lead for all new projects and proposals. With 40 years’ experience as a Systems Engineer and as a Senior Fellow at Raytheon, his experience with sensor modeling, system analysis and system design he ensures all projects are technically sound and producible. Jim also has experience building and managing proposal efforts for government contracts, so clients can take advantage of his proposal management or consultation services.

While at Texas Instruments, Jim led the software development and system integration for the GPS Phase 1 Manpack receiver, the TOW2 missile guidance for ground-launched and Bradley Fighting Vehicle-launched missiles, the full-solution fire control system for USMC Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense (LAV-AD) and Lead Systems Engineer for international applications of second generation forward looking infrared (FLIR) systems for Turkey, Taiwan, and Sweden.

He also served as Lead Systems Engineer for the reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition system for TRACER/FSCS joint UK/US vehicle development at Texas Instruments Defense (now Raytheon), and was also Lead Systems Engineer for medium range electro-optics infrared sensor for US Army Future Combat System, uncooled infrared architecture development programs and Technical Volume Lead for several major proposals for US and international programs.

Jim has extensive proposal experience, including as Technical Volume Lead for several proposals for uncooled thermal imaging applications at L-3 Communications. He was also Lead Systems Engineer for sniper weapons thermal sight and medium/heavy weapons sight for the Advanced Weapon Sight Technology program and program manager for X-320 handheld thermal sight program.